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Class & Registration Information

We are pleased to offer nearly 100 Statler-specific classes at the 2017 SUGAR Conference. These classes will be taught by the best-of-the-best in computerized machine quilting! Class registration is open now. Click the link below.

If you would like to learn more about the classes or our teachers please choose a link view or download information here:


Classes held on the following days are numbered as such:

  • 100’s – Thursday, June 22nd
  • 200’s – Friday, June 23rd
  • 300’s – Saturday, June 24th

Please note that the term ‘class-hour’ includes a 15-minute transition, allowing participants time to move to their next class or provide a personal break for students in the middle of a longer class. This 15-minute transition is not instruction time. (For example, a 2-hour class includes 1 hour 45 minutes of instruction, followed by a 15-minute transition.)

Class fees are $25 / class-hour for any class. The conference registration fee does not include any classes. You may register for as many or as few classes as you would like at that rate of $25 / class-hour. Class fees do not include kit or handout fees, which are additional. When you choose a class you will have the option to purchase the kit if you would like. Additional classes may also be added online anytime or on-site at the conference, as space allows. You can add, drop, or change classes all the way up until April 15th without any penalty. Please note that classes dropped after April 15th cannot be refunded – even when signing up for another class during that same time.

How to Register: Please note that this is a new online registration system so your 2015 conference login information will not work. Also, this registration system is not tied in with the Statler Users website either, so you do not need your membership login to register. You will need to create a new account by clicking on the registration button on the SUGAR Conference home page.

  • Charter Member Registration (joined before Dec. 31, 2011): Feb. 1st at 9 a.m. CST
  • SUGAR Member Registration (joined before Dec. 31, 2016): Feb. 10th at 9 a.m. CST
  • General Registration for Non-SUGAR Members: March 10th at 9 a.m. CST

Want to Bring a Guest? At the time of registration you will have the option to “Invite a Guest.” Each registrant can have up to 1 guest associated with their full registration. Guests have a basic $30 registration fee that allows them to register for up to 2 classes at the regular rate of $25 / class hour (so a 2-hour class would be $50, for example). Guests have the option to purchase a “Full Event Meal Ticket” for $395 which includes all the catered meals & stage events, the Wednesday Opening Social, and the Friday Night Banquet & Entertainment. Or they can order items a la carte, such as an Opening Social ticket for $20 or a Friday Banquet ticket for $50. If you are bringing a spouse or friend with you, but they don’t want to take any classes, you also have the option of purchasing additional tickets to the Opening Social or Friday Night Banquet & Entertainment. In the case that a guest wants to take more than 2 classes they will need to pay a full registration fee, and then they will be allowed to register for as many classes as they desire.

Want to Take a Couple of Classes but Not Attend All 3 Days? If you are interested in taking just 1-2 classes and don’t want to pay for all 3 days please contact for more information about how to register.

Specific Questions About the Classes? Contact Education Coordinator, Cindy Culbertson, at Questions about online registration? Contact Conference Manager, Jennifer Pond, at

Thank You to Our Education Sponsors

SUGAR is grateful for the support of the following sponsors in the education area of the conference. Especial thanks go to our Gold Sponsor, Gammill Quilting Systems, for the machines and technical support in the classrooms. Thank you for making our classes a terrific learning experience for all who attend!

Gold Sponsor
Classroom Machines & Support

Wasatch Quilting
Teacher Appreciation Sponsor
Superior Threads
Classroom Thread
Winline Textiles
Classroom Batting